InaCC is acronym of Indonesian Culture Collection, a national depository for microorganisms (Culture Collection of Microorganism), under the management of Microbiology Division, Research Center for Biology, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. InaCC holds living collections of filamentous fungi (mold), yeast, bacteria, actinomycetes, archaea, microalgae, and bacteriophage having important taxonomical data and physiological characters of mediating bio-processes in food, health, pesticide, fertilizer, and bioremediation for improving the quality of human life.


InaCC supports scientific community and other activities include depository operationals, research, services. InaCC serves Indonesian and international clients for identifiying microorganisms and other microbiological analyses. InaCC plays roles as:

  1. Center for microbial preservation
  2. Center for patented microbial preservation
  3. Center for microbial access
  4. Center for research on microbial exploration
  5. Center for training on microorganisms handling
  6. Center for public awareness on microbial roles and bioprospects.


InaCC is located in Cibinong Science Center, West Java, Indonesia. The facilities in 2800 meter square area InaCC building consisting of laboratory, preservation rooms (deep freezer, L-dry ampoules, liquid nitrogen), preparation room, documentation/database room, and public room for services. Several modern equipments were instaled including MALDI-TOFF, genetic analyzer, PCR-thermal cycler, real-time PCR, GC-MS, HPLC, Varioskan, scaning electron microscope, epifluorescents microscope, and barcoding system storage.


InaCC is supported by currators, researchers, technicians, administrative staffs, information technology staffs, and librarians.


Collections of InaCC includes biological materials derived from filamentous fungi (mold), yeast, bacteria, actinomycetes, archaea, microalgae, and bacteriophage. Currently about 2800 well identified and characterized strains according the guideline of World Federation of Culture Collection (WFCC) were deposited in InaCC. The number of collection is continually increasing.


InaCC is a division (Microbiology Division) in Research Center for Biology that have granted the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.